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CloudPCR To Offer Free Basic Nemsis 3.4 ePCR!

CloudPCR’s ‘Free Edition’ PCR is available at no monthly cost to your agency.  Receive our award winning software to write PCR’s and satisfy all required Nemsis 3.4 state reporting!

Features Included in the ‘Free Edition’…

Fully Customizable : Change options, hide fields, or require any field
Custom Form Options : Easily customize any drop down
Hospital Integrations : Provides hospitals with access to your data
Military Grade Security : HIPAA & HITECH
Compatibility : Works on any device (IOS, Android, PC, Mac)
Offline with AutoSync: Works offline when you have no internet
Smart location: Google maps integration, brings in nearby addresses for auto-completion
Intellisearch: Replace tedious dropdowns with google like searching for meds/procs/etc.
State/Regional Reporting : Seamless exporting
Nemsis Compliant : We are Nemsis 3.4 certified!

*Note: No payment information is required, just your email to get started!

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