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We are pleased to offer CloudPCR free for colleges and universities!

Our education program provides CloudPCR free of charge to any institution that requires NEMSIS reporting.  Our free program is only available to those colleges and universities that do not bill their patients for services.  As an added bonus, any educational service that referrers a paying agency will receive 5% of the revenue as a donation to their program.

What makes CloudPCR great for you institution?:

Fully Customizable : Change options, hide fields, or require any field
Military Grade Security : HIPAA & HITECH
Compatibility : Works on any device (IOS, Android, PC, Mac)
Offline with AutoSync: Works offline when you have no internet
In-App Help Chat: Get instant responses to your most urgent issues
Smart location: Google maps integration, brings in nearby addresses for auto-completion
Intellisearch: Replace tedious dropdowns with google like searching for meds/procs/etc.

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